BOM Squad Training Packages


8 sessions for $320
16 sessions for $480
Includes online Training package for days without your Trainer throughout your Entire Training Package Duration

Are you ready to give yourself the opportunity to enhance every aspect of your body?! Become stronger, faster, shed fat, and sculpt a new body?!? A key factor in positive change is progression! Making sure that every time you perform an action, you perform it better or faster or against a higher degree of difficulty. That is the key to a new you, pushing yourself through barriers that your genetics or YOU created!

Throughout the program the workouts will require more work, more sweat, but in the same amount of time. Your mind will be tested and pushed to the limit! You will ask more of yourself throughout each exercise! You will seek out your limitations and destroy them and any negative thoughts that will hinder you from reaching that goal, a new YOU! The key word is PERIODIZATION! You will start from ground zero and disregard all you have learned in the world of fitness and take on a new way of exercising forever!

This program is not for everybody, it’s for somebody who wants it as bad as they want to breathe! Someone who’s not willing to look back or give up! It’s not for every one because not everyone has the drive YOU have! If you’re even looking at this, YOU WANT MORE!!

Get started now and remember, if it were easy to become fit, everyone would be!

Contact me and we’ll discuss how we can get YOU headed towards a new future!